Running Changes

Today I ran in a four-mile race. As I prepared for the race I ran over the weekends for the past month. I decided to run the race to encourage me to get back to running. I've been going to the gym for the past six months and I've been trying to eat healthier. I wanted to lose a little bit of weight before getting back to running.

I was a runner pre-pandemic and even now I have a runner's mentality. While I have only been running two miles for the past month, I'm not worried about this run. I've been hydrating the past couple of days, but not doing anything else.

Years ago I was part of a marathon relay team where we each ran five miles. I trained hard for that five miles. It seemed like a long distance. The day before the race I spent resting in a hotel and hydrating. It was part of the prep. That was ten years before I starting running more consistently.

Now I decided to go out on a hot July morning to run twice as far as I've been running just to see how it goes. This is my first step back.

Jeffrey L Cohen

Jeffrey L Cohen