Photo Exhibit Opening

Today was the opening reception of my Photo Exhibition. Some friends, co-workers and family stopped by. We had lots of snacks. The other artist is a local art teacher, so she had tons of folks come by.

Here’s a link to my photos again.

And here is my statement about the show:

A country is defined by both its people and its places. On a trip to Spain in 2004 I brought my trusty, manual camera and many rolls of black and white film. The digital era had begun, but I was not ready to leave the world of film. I wanted to capture the nation’s essence, and the subtlety of film was the best way to do it.

In three major cities, Madrid, Granada, and Barcelona, I witnessed the parade of life. This was a perfect time to document this country in transition. The peseta had recently given way to the Euro and many of the traditions were changing as Spain’s economy grew. Local shops and restaurants still closed for siesta, but chain stores were popping up, and they did not close in the middle of the day.

Whether in the eyes of street performers or in the detail of Barcelona’s unique architecture, the unique character and personality of Spain comes through. The vitality of life is apparent in their faces, in their postures and in the way they interact in this changing society. There is a blending of a traditional society with its produce markets, hard-working people and palaces with a modern economy that may briefly pause, but never slows down. It must always move forward.

There is a bit of nostalgia for me in putting together this show, as I am also in a transition to this new world. Since shooting these pictures, I have moved from the traditional into the digital photography world and wonder if it is possible to look back.

Jeffrey L Cohen

Jeffrey L Cohen