Entrepreneurs Need to Evolve Beyond Ad-Supported Business Models

Yesterday after the introduction of the event I challenged all participants of Triangle Startup Weekend to put some real creative thought into the business model of their startup pitch. The ad-supported model of startups is not viable in good times, but in a down economy with all forms of advertising dollars heading south, it is more critical to devise multiple revenue streams, and not rely on advertising.

This message was well-received by the Triangle Startup Weekend participants, as lots of people were nodding their heads in agreement. There have been enough reports of failed startups that just couldn’t make it on ad-based models, that this was an easy challenge to agree to.

The entrepreneurs of the Triangle have moved beyond the latest internet bubble of build it and they come, and when they do, serve some ads. Our group at Startup Weekend will be creating startups with sustainable business models that can survive past this weekend.

Originally posted on Triangle Startup Weekend.

Jeffrey L Cohen

Jeffrey L Cohen