Will I really take any job?

When you search online, looking for job openings, no site is too insignificant. Even if there is only 1 job listing, but you get that job, then the site is a success for you.

Today I found that the Durham Bulls AAA Baseball team is currently recruiting for Wool E. Bull, their family-friendly mascot. The requirements ask for special skills like juggling or riding a unicycle. Acting experience is preferred. Some of the jobs I have looked at prefer an MBA.

The scary thing about this is that I actually have mascot experience. When I was home one summer during college I was the Orange 107 Rooster for my parents’ radio station. This orange furred rooster suit was made by the same company that made the San Diego chicken. This was before every team had a mascot, so it was pretty unusual to see a “professional” mascot, or at least a professionally made, custom costume, at events sponsored by a local radio station.

My two fondest memories as the rooster were playing in a Special Olympics softball game and appearing on stage with German headbangers, The Scorpions.

Think of the fun I could have as Wool E. Bull. I better not tell Peter about this job opening. He would want me to take it.

Jeffrey L Cohen

Jeffrey L Cohen