Who Helps You Meet Your Goals?

Peter Rappelling Down the Outdoor Wall

As each month is winding down, I check the number of posts on my blog (look to the right if you are on my blog, take my word for it if you are reading this in a feed reader), and make sure I am in the ball park of 1 post per day average. That is generally around 30 posts. My posts are not always written. Sometimes it is just a photo or a video. But I try to have about 30 of them in the month.

I usually check in with Peter, my 10-year-old son, and let him know how I am doing. Last night we looked at my total and I was at 26. He told me that I needed to post 4 more times. I said it shouldn’t be a problem, because I usually have several things floating around in my head to post. Sometimes I just don’t get to them, and other times I just change my mind about posting.

I posted a couple things early in the evening, and I wasn’t sure if I wanted to post any more. At 10:00 I said to Peter, I have two more hours to post two more things. I asked him if I had to post two more things. He replied, only if you want to meet your goal.

Jeffrey L Cohen

Jeffrey L Cohen