We Like Jott a Lot

Last night I started playing with Jott. It is a free service that let’s you make a call from your registered phone, leave a message and send that message to a variety of places. Your message is transcribed and Jott sends both the text and a link to your recorded message. The default is that it sends it back to you via email (or text message) and to your the Jott inbox. This is a basic reminder service that is helpful, but not extraordinary.

Where this application really flies is in its connection to other services. I currently have it set up so I can Twitter from Jott, blog from Jott, and even update my Google Calendar. And now that Google Calendar can sync to Outlook, Jott becomes a service that lets you voice record appointments that show up on your Outlook calendar.

Peter was definitely enjoying playing with Jott too much. He loved the mis-transcription of “We are watching basketball” to “We are watching I Got Bob.” Here are some links to Peter’s Jotts:

Jott 1
Jott 2

Jeffrey L Cohen

Jeffrey L Cohen