Twitter and Facebook

I have spent a lot of time lately explaining to people what Twitter is. When I talk to people my age, they ask why would someone want to tell the world what they are doing at any given moment? And the next one. And the one after that. And they are even more surprised that anyone would want to read this running commentary on life.

When I tell people who are recently out of college about it, they say, Oh like the status in Facebook. Not only is that a great example, but I tell them that I have my Twitter stream show up in my Facebook status.

And that is a perfect segue to the follow list. I looked at the status of my friends in Facebook and it kind of told a story.

is eating country ham.
is twittering: Day #18 – A Bit Of A Stretch –
is twittering: New blog post: Another Year Walking the Earth
is facing one last day (we hope) of bathroom contractors: grout, paint, and heater.
is officially a homeowner!!!!!
is at work and doing some online shopping!
is cold, very cold.
is exhausted….
is stupid Google Maps! Why doesn’t it TELL you when you’re walking the wrong way for a mile??
is going to get acupuncture.
recommends that you check out the documentary “Helvetica”.

Jeffrey L Cohen

Jeffrey L Cohen