Triangle Tweetup

Photo by Abby

Last night I attended the Triangle Tweetup, a gathering of local Twitter users. It’s great to be part of this growing community. We had some demos on how folks are creating Twitter applications, and doing other things in the social media / new technology space. One very cool example is Twitter Movie Reviews, which uses a combination of artificial intelligence and human moderators to track people’s opinions of new movies. These reviews reflect the Twitter community, which skews younger and tech-savvy, but it is still of value as a pop culture barometer.

Nice to see some Raleigh-area friends that I usually just see on Twitter, and meet some new folks. Too many folks to shout out (see above). Can’t wait to see where this community can go.

Here’s a link to flickr photos tagged with TriangleTweetup

A rare photo of me by Abby

Jeffrey L Cohen

Jeffrey L Cohen