Travel in 2050

Today I encouraged (read: forced) the kids to work on creative projects. I had a list of suggestions they could pick from, or they could come up with their own. Grace decided that she wanted to speculate on what travel would be like in the future. I had suggested 2030, but Peter advised that that was not far enough in the future for anything to have changed much, so we agreed on 2050. Below are photos that I took with her direction and the sentences she wrote to describe them.

Jet Pack Shoes
You can use jet pack shoes to get anywhere.

Cars Going Underground
Cars can go underground and GPS is an eyeball.

Anything that you can fly will be replaced by jet pack shoes, but if they run out of oil you can use magic.

Hotels on the Sun
You can go on a vacation to the sun. There are 20 hotels in each country. You can only stay in a hotel for a month.

You can go underwater and stay for a week straight.

Jeffrey L Cohen

Jeffrey L Cohen