Thursday to Nashville

This afternoon I left the office with two colleagues to head to the airport for a trip to Nashville. We left the office at the time we meant too, but after dropping off a car at home, we wound up at the airport a little later than I would have liked. Under normal circumstances it would have been fine, but after we checked in, the security line went all the way to baggage claim. The only other time I have seen it like this was the Tuesday after Thanksgiving.

We got in line feeling like there was no way we would make the flight. Once you accept a fact like that, it is pretty easy to just wait in line and see what happens. If we missed our plane, as seemed likely to us, we would take the next one. Not that big of a deal.

We snaked along, eventually back and forth, and made it to security. We got through and hoofed it up to the gate. I was carrying my belt and my laptop in my hand. We made it to the gate while they were boarding Bs and were starting to line up Cs. Since we were As, we went to the front of the line and boarded the plane.

So much for checking in on time. The three of us had to sit in middle seats in separate aisles. Not that big of a deal, but I would not choose a middle seat if I didn’t have to.

This should be a good trip. We have client meetings all day Friday, a free night and Podcamp on Saturday. I fly home on Sunday in time for my photo exhibition reception.

Jeffrey L Cohen

Jeffrey L Cohen