This One is for Mom

Tonight I was having a conversation with my mom, and she said that she still doesn’t understand why I Twitter. Why do I want to tell people what I am doing? she asked. Because my friends care what I am doing. And yes, these are real friends that I have made through Twitter and other Social Media connections. This is the same person who has called me (on 2 separate occasions) when I had not tweeted in a couple days, or posted to my blog, to make sure everything was okay.

After the conversation, I posted the following tweet:
My mom continues to ask me why I twitter. “Why does anyone care what you are doing?” I have repeatedly explained.

I immediately got the following responses:

@Ilinap: I get that from everyone I know who doesn’t twitter…which is everyone.

@whythulc: For those that have never used Twitter, it sounds trivial. But those of us who use it, can’t live without it. 🙂

@Adam10: I care about what you are doing.

And I even got a direct message from @gwensutton, the mother of @waynesutton: Do Mom like wayne did me, show her plurk, then twitter and Rejaw, I’m now officially Hooked. No further explaination needed.

These are two people I know in person and two people I know online. I can explain to someone how and why to use Twitter, and I have done this many times. And no, Twitter is not for everyone, but it works for me.

Jeffrey L Cohen

Jeffrey L Cohen