The Movers Stopped By

So finally, after about 2 weeks since my closing, the movers came to get my furniture. I have been moving my other belongings, mostly in paper bags, over the past two weeks and have nearly finished. I spent last night and the early afternoon finishing loading up my car with random things.

The movers were scheduled for the afternoon and they showed up around 3:30. It took them around 30 minutes to wrap up and load my 3 beds, 2 chairs, bookcase and desk. They followed me to Meg’s to get my grandparents china cabinet, and we were on our way to Durham.

The most exciting part of the trip occurred within sight of my street. There was a police car blocking the road, as a tow truck turned around. There was a car in the ditch by the side of the road, and the Durham Police chose today to pull it out of the woods. We sat as the tow truck driver pulled this damaged car from woods, using chains from his truck. Once it reached the edge of the road, I could see the driver’s side front wheel was nearly ripped off. This made it a challenge to get the car up on the flatbed tow truck. It was finally up and the road was clear.

We reached my house and the unload was quick. The only problem was that my staircase is narrow and they had some trouble getting my queen sized box spring up the steps. I need to call on Monday to file a damage claim for the hole in my wall and scrapes to the ceiling. The guys felt bad, but sometimes stuff happens.

Now the real work begins.

Jeffrey L Cohen

Jeffrey L Cohen