The Menagerie Can Haz Blackberry

I Can Haz Blackberry

Today Peter was not feeling well and he needed to stay home. I stayed with him at his mom’s house, which seems to be overrun with OPP (other people’s pets). She is keeping her sister’s 2 cats indefinitely. They have been there since September. Jack is pictured above with my Blackberry. He was flopped across the table while I was working. He reminds me of a cat we used to have, so it was nice to have him around.

She is also keeping her friend’s dog, Tucker. He is usually a well-behaved dog unless someone comes to the door, and then he makes a mad dash and starts barking. Today I came in, Grace came in, the UPS man delivered a package and a neighborhood kid came by selling girl scout cookies. Each time Tucker went for the door and would not stop barking. One time Peter tried holding him by the collar and he pulled Peter down.


Jeffrey L Cohen

Jeffrey L Cohen