The Lengths that Some People Will Go

N&O Photog Robert Willett

After a 30-minute interview with a reporter from the News & Observer about the future of the internet, and what it is like to live a connected life in this always-on, mobile world, photographer Robert Willett arranged to meet me at my house to take some pictures. We had a great time hanging out for the two and half hours he spent shooting my picture. We talked about photography (obviously), music and social media. Connections. It’s about connections.

Was it just me sitting in a chair with my laptop? Well, yes, but if his editor agrees with him and me and uses one of the great photos he took (not the one in the previous post), it will be so much more.

If the paper were not struggling, and it was still a big deal to have your picture in the paper, this would be very cool. As it is, it will be very cool for my friends and my family (kind of). I will post a link when it is available.

And just to show the power of networks, it was due to my connections that I was interviewed. The reporter who interviewed me during Startup Weekend back in July remembered me (I made him join Twitter), and suggested that I would be a good subject for the article. I know something about all these connections.

Jeffrey L Cohen

Jeffrey L Cohen