The First Day of Class

Yesterday I started this social media marketing journey with my two classes. The first thing I did was take panorama pictures of each class. I think this struck them as a bit odd and caught them off guard. But this is social media. Part of what we do is capture what is going on around us and share it with others. So here I am sharing the photos (Click each photo to enlarge).

My 8:00 class

My 11:00 class

I talked about my summer trips to Alaska and Montana. Told some fun stories. Reviewed the class requirements and watched the Bill Gates Ice Bucket Challenge. The students shared some of their summer internships and experience using social media for businesses.


I will be using an iclicker remote system to get answers to student questions every class. I may share some of the more compelling data. Also, my colleague, Dr. Rebecca VanMeter will be surveying my class multiple times during the semester to get their thoughts on social media. I will not see those results until after the semester is over.

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Jeffrey L Cohen

Jeffrey L Cohen