Spam Comments That Have Amused Me

Across the several blogs I publish, along with events that are managed using WordPress, we get a lot of spam. I generally like that we get spam, provided the spam filters are cranked way up so nothing gets published, because it means that sites are well-indexed by Google and found by the spammers as being worth their time leave a little garbed comment with a link. Some have disagreed with me, but I’m sticking to it. I also always go through my spam comments to make sure nothing erroneous got caught in the net.

Below I have collected some spam comments that have amused me. Many appear to be written by non-English speakers, so there is amusement in that, but some of them are so off topic of social media, wine or local Raleigh-area events, that I chuckle at them. Enjoy, and let me know your favorite spam comments… in the comments.

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Jeffrey L Cohen

Jeffrey L Cohen