Some Kids Just Get It

Every so often I am surprised by the things that come out of my kids’ mouths. Not in the way you might expect, although that happens too, but sometimes they express things that show they were not only listening to me, but that they really get it too.

Peter was telling me that he finished his work early in class and his teacher gave him two extra projects. He was excited by these projects. He’s that kind of kid. I asked him if he told his teacher about the Sports Blog he started over winter break. His teacher is very impressed with his writing and we discussed blogging in his parent-teacher conference. When both your parents have been blogging for years, it is not a stretch to suggest that a 5th grader begin blogging.

Anyway, I told him to ask his teacher if he could work on his blog during class time if he has finished his work. He could either write his posts on paper and type them when he gets home, or if he has the opportunity to work on one of the computers in the room, he could just blog. I said that he could write, I’m blogging from class.

And he reminded me how happy I was that his first blog post did not fall into the usual pattern of Hey, welcome to my blog, but jumped right into a real post. He asked me why would he want to take a step backwards and say he’s blogging from class? He should just be writing about sports. The kid gets it.

Jeffrey L Cohen

Jeffrey L Cohen