The Ultimate List for Social Media Changes

social-network-changesOne of the challenges marketers face when using social media to communicate and connect with customers is keeping up with all the changes to the various social networks.

The best way to focus on these changes is to follow the social networks’ blogs. This way you won’t have to go searching for the news. If you found a suitable substitute for Google Reader, use the links below and subscribe to each individual blog. If you never quite got Google Reader, and don’t have a substitute for it, you can bookmark each one of the blogs in your browser.


Twitter Blog
@Twitter on Twitter
Twitter on Facebook
Twitter on YouTube


Facebook Developer’s Blog
Facebook on Facebook
@Facebook on Twitter
Facebook on YouTube


Google+ Developer’s Blog
Google+ on Google+
Google+ on YouTube


LinkedIn Blog
@LinkedIn on Twitter
LinkedIn on Facebook


YouTube Blog
YouTube on YouTube
@YouTube on Twitter
YouTube on Facebook
YouTube on Google+
YouTube on Pinterest


Pinterest Blog
@Pinterest on Twitter
Pinterest on Facebook


Tumblr Staff Blog
@Tumblr on Twitter
Tumblr on Facebook


Instagram Blog
@Instagram on Twitter
Instagram on Facebook

Many of these social networks have social presences on other platforms. In some cases you can follow each of the social networks on a different network, preferably the one you spend the most time on. Build a list of the profiles to easily follow them in one place. Both Twitter and Facebook offer the ability to make and follow lists. No matter which method you choose, bookmark this post so you can have a handy reference to all these social profiles in one place.

The post originally appeared on the Salesforce Marketing Cloud blog.

Jeffrey L Cohen

Jeffrey L Cohen