Rampant Consumerism

Grace and Hannah

Notice: This post does not contain any links because I do not feel like promoting these brands any more than I already am by writing about them. If you need to find something out about one of the things mentioned in this post, try Google. I hear they have a pretty good collection of web links.

This weekend we went to the mall. I am not normally a mall shopper, but my folks were here for Grace’s birthday and my mom wanted to shop with Grace. We started with Barnes and Noble for some books. Grace wanted a High School Musical book, and I only agreed if she would get a non-licensed book of my choosing. I picked a mystery about Blackbeard. Peter got a Warriors book. It is a series about anthropomorphic cats divided up into clans. He has read them all and the latest just came out.

Peter and Chromatic iPods

Next stop, The Apple Store. My mom got a pink ipod shuffle while the kids played with iphones. Then on to Build-a-Bear. Grace made a High School Musical Bear. She named it Troy, after a character from the show. She also purchased at High School Musical T-Shirt and Track Suit. She added a basketball and cell phone. This was pretty horrible. It don’t even think I can take a picture of this. At least the Hello Kitty pajamas for her stuffed cat she got several years ago were cute. On the way out of Build-a-Bear we spotted the Hannah Montana cardboard cut-out. It was my idea to take the picture, but Grace was happy to oblige.

Walking to our next stop, we passed Mrs. Fields. Some expensive cookies were in order. It was cheaper than stopping for lunch. And finally, our last stop was Sports Fan Attic to get Peter a football jersey. Even though it was Grace’s birthday, my mom wanted to get Peter something. He chose a Carolina Panthers “Kasey” jersey. It was a fitting end to our mall visit. Sports properties for boys and entertainment properties for girls. Blue and pink are so last century.

Jeffrey L Cohen

Jeffrey L Cohen