Popcorn Time

It is Cub Scout Popcorn Time again. Peter asked me to email the message below to people who bought popcorn last year. We have some popcorn now or we can order it for November delivery.

Thank you for buying popcorn from me last year. Would you like to buy popcorn again from me this year?

We have the same kind of popcorn as last year, but also have one new kind of popcorn, a 5-way chocolate tin.

My two best sellers last year were Butter Lite and the Small Caramel Corn.

Let my dad know if you would like to buy some. The kinds and prices are listed below.


Small Caramel Corn $9
Microwave Butter Lite (15 bags) $14
Microwave Butter (15 bags) $14
Caramel Corn $16
Chocolate Caramel Corn $16
Cheese Tin $30
3-Way Tin (Chocolate/Caramel Corn/Cheese) $40
5-Way Chocolate Tin (2 Kinds of Chocolate Caramel Corn/2 Kinds of Chocolate Pretzels/Chocolate Peanut Clusters) $50

Jeffrey L Cohen

Jeffrey L Cohen