Phone Forwarding Mania

I have recently started forwarding my phones to my Blackberry. I don’t have a very good signal at home from my personal Verizon phone, and I don’t have a home phone. Every night when I get home, I forward my cell to my Blackberry, so I can receive the occasional call (usually Meg or my Mom) without having to stand in just the right spot of my bedroom. And that spot does move.

I have also started forwarded my work phone to my Blackberry. It started one day when I needed to work from home to stay with Peter, when he wasn’t feeling well. My boss forwarded my phone to me and sent me an email that said, Ha ha, you should get lots of calls now. It actually was very convenient because both people in the office, and my clients could call and reach me. It didn’t matter that I home.

Well, today I was getting ready to travel to Nashville, and I knew I was going to forward before I left, but earlier in the day I had a meeting in another part of the office and forwarded my phone to my Blackberry just in case any of the three people I left messages for called me back. I was on the phone and all three of them called me back. An ad rep also called me and I couldn’t transfer her to our Media Buyer. The VP of Marketing from my client called both my numbers, and left 2 voice mails on my Blackberry. And finally while I was at the gas station, a client called on my office phone and I got a call to schedule an appointment (on my personal phone) and they came to my Blackberry.

I learned how to answer a call while on a call (press the green answer button, as indicated on screen), but more importantly, I learned how to return to the call on hold when you are done with the new call (use the scroll wheel to bring up the menu). It is definitely a skill to juggle all these calls on one phone, and I am getting there. It may be time for a new bluetooth earpiece.

Jeffrey L Cohen

Jeffrey L Cohen