Peter's Summer So Far

Peter has had a busy summer so far. As soon as school ended he left for UNC Basketball Camp. This is the third summer he has attended this camp in Chapel Hill. He stayed with his best friend in an off campus dorm and played basketball all day, every day. This is a perfect camp for gym rats. There are no filler activities like swimming or crafts.

The kids are divided by age into gyms for the length of camp, so Peter was with a group of nearly 50 kids who had just finished 5th grade. The boys are divided into teams, who play against each other for week. Peter’s team did not do very well in the championship games, but that’s because, according to Peter, players on his team were ball hogs and didn’t pass enough. Although in the end, it did not bother him that his team came in last in his division.

There was a free throw competition each day, and Peter won for his gym the first day. At the end of camp there was a a competition of each day’s winners. It came down to Peter and a kid whose dad played basketball for UNC. The kid was wearing his dad’s actual Carolina jersey. This was not intimidating to Peter because he didn’t realize it was real jersey. Anyway, Peter won the competition, so he was the free throw champion for his age group.

These are the kids from Chapel Hill who attended basketball camp with Peter.

He was home for a few days before heading off to Boy Scout camp at Camp Bonner on the Pamlico Sound. He had an okay time, but he needed to participate in the new Scout program to check off lots of the Boy Scout achievements. This meant he did lots of boring things (his words), rather than the fun stuff that the older boys were doing. He also came home with lots of mosquito bites. We were told it was 69, but no one really counted. And yes, he did have bug spray and use it. The bugs were just that bad. So he had a good time, not a great time, and it made him look forward to Scout camp even more next summer. And yes, they will be going to a different camp.

Thanks to Glyn Tomkins for the Scout Camp photo.

And today Peter left for the beach with his friend Blake. He was home long enough to unpack, wash clothes and pack for the beach. But when he gets home next weekend, he’s around for the rest of the summer.

Jeffrey L Cohen

Jeffrey L Cohen