Obama in Chapel Hill

Photo by Abby

Last night I went to the Barack Obama rally in the Smith Center in Chapel Hill. There was a pretty good crowd on hand for this event that began at 9:30. Doors opened at 7:00, so we had plenty of time to waste while we were waiting for the festivities to begin.

I met up with one of my friends from Twitter, John, in Carrboro and we rode to the event together. I had gotten tickets for the rally with some folks from work, but we didn’t have firm plans to meet, so it was good to have someone to sit with. We spent lots of the pre-game time twittering. Here’s a link to all tagged tweets from the evening.

The 9:30 start time got us a preacher, 2 Congressmen (David Price, Mel Watt), a campaign organizer, a basketball player (Sam Perkins), a UNC student and memories of Eve Carson. Obama finally appeared at 10:30. It was worth the wait. He charmed the crowd with his message. He talked a lot about change and doing things differently. If elected, it will be very interesting to see if he make that change happen.

I was undecided before the rally, but with Obama tendencies. I will now support him, with the hope that he is able to bring about change for the American people. He described his campaign as being about “your struggles, your hopes and your dreams.”

I will close, as he did. “If you will stand with me, we will transform this country.”

Jeffrey L Cohen

Jeffrey L Cohen