Notes from the Top

This is an active construction site. "Hey, Demetri, I got a job for you. We need some help renovating the Parthenon."

When you get to the top just after sunrise, everything changes color as the light gets brighter.

Ballet is not allowed on the Acropolis. Even balletic poses for a photograph are not allowed and will elicit the guard's whistle.

It's possible that i was only person shooting film on the Acropolis.

There was a determined plant growing  out from the space between marble blocks.

We did not train for the climb, which wasn't long but it was steep.

Nearly every Greek diner has a picture of the Parthenon hanging on the wall, but there is no diner to be found at the Parthenon.

Deborah volunteered to takes couple's photograph, even if they didn't seem to be taking pictures.

Overheard in the Acropolis museum (spoken by a young boy): But the Greeks had clothes. Why didn’t they put them on?

Jeffrey L Cohen

Jeffrey L Cohen