Acropolis Feelings

The Acropolis is such a dominant of Athens city center that every time you turn a corner and look up there it is. If I didn't know any better i would think that it was following us.

But this also makes it a good landmark to find our way around. We were always walking towards the Acropolis, away from the Acropolis, around the Acropolis.

Every building facing the Acropolis has windows lined with tables or an open balcony. This encourages you to keep taking pictures it. But everytime the light changes, it is worth spending a few more pixels.

The bright sunshine of daytime. The fading light of sunset. The darkness of night framing the illuminated hill. While each of these conditions creates a different sense of the hill and its primary, visible temple, it just doesn't feel personal. That's just a thing over there, up there, around there.

But climbing to the top and standing in front of this 2500 year old marble temple feels different. It is personal. It's awe-inspiring. It's overwhelming.

We focused on getting to the top before the crowds and took pictures mostly devoid of people. With that task complete - check - we said down to contemplate what was before us.

Religion. Culture. Politics. Art. History. Economics.

It was a lot to think about. There's definitely more to consider.

Jeffrey L Cohen

Jeffrey L Cohen