Notes from Indiana

snowy-bridgeThe following are status updates from my Facebook profile as I moved from North Carolina to Muncie, Indiana:

Good morning from 15 below in Muncie.

Cabin fever has made me a little loopy. I just tried to pay for my lunch with my hotel key card.

The temperature warmed up to 0, that’s zero, so I went out for a walk to “The Village” that borders campus. This few block strip has sandwich shops, pizza, bars and the off-campus bookstore. But most importantly there are TWO tanning salons. I guess you do what you can to stay warm in these Midwestern winters.

Every new job starts with paperwork. But on a college campus it involves trudging from building to building in the cold and snow.

There’s a popcorn store just past security at the Indianapolis airport. The smell reminds me, disappointingly, that the brand Popcorn Indiana is based in New Jersey.

There were not enough regular, non-snarky answers [on the Buzzfeed “Where Should You Live” Quiz] to get a valid result. So maybe my move from Durham to Muncie, Indiana might be a bit of a challenge [when my result was Portland]. At least I plan to live downtown. Now if I can just find a fixed-gear bike.

Email subject line that makes me feel like I’ve dropped through a time vortex in Indiana: REO Speedwagon Tickets Still Available.

Did you know the creator of Garfield is from Muncie, Indiana?

I guess this is the kind of thing I will start paying attention to, now that I am in the Midwest. Earlier this week the snow was blowing right to left out my hotel window. Tonight it is blowing left to right.

I just realized what an East Coast life I have lived. My zip code has only ever started with a 1, 2 or 3. And now it starts with 4.

Rather than brave the subzero temperatures (-6) and venture to the gym on campus, I wisely chose to run on the treadmill in the little hotel fitness room.

It just feels right when driving through rural Indiana on the way to the airport for John Cougar’s Little Pink Houses to come on the radio.

Listening to April Ludgate’s favorite band on the way to Pawnee, oops, I mean Muncie Indiana.

You know you are in the Midwest in the winter when the movers bring a shovel to widen the path in the snow pile from the street to the sidewalk.

I think shopping carts should have snow tires.

I usually try to eat healthy, but the allure of Breakfast Poutine was too much for me.

After signing my name about 37 times I am now a property owner in the state of Indiana, and actually own the loft I’ve been living in for the past week.

When you move some place new you have to learn about the culture. I had a hard time finding a parking spot at the on-campus gym today. Turns this is where rec league basketball games are played. And since it is Indiana quite a few kids sign up for that.

Downtown Muncie honors Ball State alum David Letterman. With an alley.

Jeffrey L Cohen

Jeffrey L Cohen