New Laptop

I couldn’t stand being offline with no quick solution to getting back. I also knew that it would take some time to transfer files, re-install software and get used to a new machine, so I wanted to get moving. I didn’t like the idea of ordering something that would take 3-5 days before it even shipped, so I went to Best Buy. Not my first choice of computer selection and pricing, but I need a new machine. I did not want a Vista machine, but I looked at their choices. All Vista Home, except one small Toshiba laptop with Vista Business. Again, not my choice, but better than Home.

I was on the phone with one of my client contacts (the Digital Asset Manager and person responsible for the web site) and someone I talk to about technical stuff. He is also a budget-minded guy and never pays retail for anything. He thought this sounded like a decent deal for the computer, and since I was standing in front of it, I should probably get it. I told him I was going to go look at DVDs and think about it.

I hung up the phone (by pushing the red button since most phones don’t hang anywhere anymore) and went to the DVDs. I picked up the 4-disk collection of Blade Runner, since I really don’t need the collectible briefcase and the 5-disk set, and thought more about my laptop.

I went back over to the computer section and asked someone for help. This is always a dicey prospect in a big-box retailer, but I asked the kid who might actually know something. He was pretty smart and knew more about the technical details than I cared about. I pointed to the computer I was interested in, but told him that I was more interested in an XP Pro machine rather than Vista Business. He told me those are only online through Best Buy for Business, so he logged on and started looking. It seemed that comprable laptops were nearly $500 more, because they have no incentive to discount XP Pro machines. If someone wants one, they are probably will to pay for it. So I purchased my new Toshiba Satellite U305 with 13.3″ widescreen and Vista Business. The first thing I did when I got home was eVISTArate it and make it look like Windows 2000, or Classic as they called it.

It turned out that my wireless routed died during all these problems and I didn’t even know it. So it is back to the store tomorrow for a new router.

Jeffrey L Cohen

Jeffrey L Cohen