Networking: There is a Difference

Last week I went to a local networking group meeting. There were over 90 people there, and one of the raffle prizes was a loaf of bread. Many of the attendees were businesses with 1 employee: Insurance, mortgage broker, massage therapist, etc. Contact count: 4. Job offers: 2.

Starting with the job offers: 1. Selling ads (could be part-time while I am looking) for a “shopper” type publication. The guy told me he had more leads than he can handle. There are lots of underground businesses, he said. For instance, when he is stopped at a traffic light and sees a contractor’s truck drive by, he takes down the phone numbers. And that’s a lead? Pass

2. I met a guy who gave me his card, and told me if I was interested in learning about his company, call him and he would explain it to me. He didn’t really go into what they do, other than refinancing and mortgage loans. I went to their web site when I got home and discovered it was a pyramid scheme. Yes, they offer real products, not mango juice, like home financing, etc., but it is still a pyramid scheme. Pass

The other two contacts I made were technology guys. I set up meetings with both of them for no other reason than I was there and you never know what can come from a meeting. The first guy didn’t show up to the meeting, but I have concerns about him anyway. The other meeting is next week.

I went to another networking group meeting tonight for the Triangle Interactive Marketing Association. This was a much better meeting. I made much better contacts at this meeting. These were professionals who work for real companies. I sent out a couple resumes that people would forward on internally. One to a company I submitted an application, and another, a major ad agency. I also added a couple people to my LinkedIn network. Check out this networking tool if you haven’t seen it.

And the raffle prize, which I won, was a pair of tickets to the NC State vs. Seton Hall basketball next week.

Jeffrey L Cohen

Jeffrey L Cohen