My Phone Rang

Yesterday my phone rang and it was Grace.

“Hi, Dad. Can you give me Peter’s cell phone number?”

Peter is at the beach with his friend and their family. I gave Grace the number and said goodbye.

My phone rang again.

“Hi, Dad. Can you give me Peter’s number again.”

I asked her why I needed to give it to her again.

“I was in the garage and didn’t have anything to write it down on.”

I decided to ask her why she needed Peter’s number.

“Well, we were playing with Peter’s water balloons and I can’t turn the hose off.”

I asked her if she tried to get someone else to help her. The kids of one of her mom’s friends are staying with her this summer.

“Yes, they tried and they can’t turn it off either.”

I asked why she wanted to call Peter.

“He has more experience with the hose.”

At that point, I asked her if she wanted me to come try to turn the hose off.

“Yeah, that’s probably a good idea.”

As I was on my way, my phone rang.

“Hi, Dad. We got the water to stop. We put a clamp on the hose.”

Jeffrey L Cohen

Jeffrey L Cohen