Missing Parrot Sings Neil Young

A parrot that speaks with a Scottish accent, supports Glasgow Rangers and sings Neil Young songs has gone missing.

Eric, a 12-year-old African grey, was last seen flying out of the back door of owner Liz Fagan’s house in Tooting, South London.

Liz, 43, has owned Eric for 11 years and he picked up his Scots accent from her partner Graham Fyfe, 47 — originally from Dundee.

She said: “Eric is very fussy and loves to have a cup of tea every day.

“He’d be very recognisable as he sings Keep on Rockin’ In The Free World by Neil Young and cheers Rangers when they’re on the telly.

“He loves his rock music — especially Neil Young. We just want him home with us.”

Jeffrey L Cohen

Jeffrey L Cohen