Mid- to Post-Hoilday Wrap-Up

Here are the last few things about Christmas before we move on:

Peter and Grace Christmas Morning
After prying the kids away from their handheld video games, and pausing the DVD player, I managed to get the kids to pose for a picture. Most of the detritus of the unwrapping frenzy is not visible in the frame. Note Grace is standing in a box.

Dr. Floyd’s “How Dr. Steve Stole Christmas”
With a big nod to Dr. Seuss, the Dr. Floyd Radio Show podcast (my kids’ favorite and the only thing they listen to on my ipod) presented their Christmas special. Click here to go to the show’s home page and listen to this episode.

Twas the night before Christmas
Here is a dramatic reading of the famous Clement Moore poem read by broken Macbook Pro laptops. Here’s the MP3 file directly and a link to the page.

Jeffrey L Cohen

Jeffrey L Cohen