Lunar Eclipse (Sort of)

Lunar Eclipse

Tonight’s lunar eclipse was very cool. I was outside with my camera, and I was talking to one of my neighbors. He asked me if I was taking pictures of the eclipse. I said, No, I don’t have a telephoto lens and it’s really too dark. After he walked away, I took a picture just for fun. The shutter was open for a long time. I looked at the picture and it wasn’t bad. Blurry, but had a little bit of the moon.

I got my tripod and tried again. As you can see above, the picture is clear, but the moon is far away. It definitely is not sharp when you zoom in, but is a neat picture just the same. I like the stars and the color of the clouds.

I posted this as an 800 pixel wide photo, since I now have a wider monitor. Previously, all my photos were 500 pixels.

Jeffrey L Cohen

Jeffrey L Cohen