K-LINE Official Statement

K-LINE is currently operating with a reduced staff over the next few weeks in anticipation of a sale of the assets of the company. A sale of assets to Sanda Kan, K-LINE’s primary manufacturing vendor and largest secured creditor, had been imminent throughout the fall, however, it has not happened. Another party is also interested in purchasing the company, however, it may be the end of January before anything is finalized.

Current operations include processing and shipping all orders of in stock items. Shipments continue to go out daily. All repair work has been suspended until mid-January. At that time, repairs will either be resumed or items will be returned to customers. For answers to technical questions, please email info@k-linetrains.com or use our toll-free fax: 877-269-4113. Please refrain from asking questions regarding product delivery, as too many things are uncertain at this time.

The final shipment of Operating Sawmills for Collector’s Club Members are on the way from China and should arrive at MDK by January 15. We expect to ship them out by the end of January.

Our hope is that the new owner of K-LINE will keep most of the employees and will continue to make trains. Both potential purchase plans agree to assume and honor the obligations of the K-LINE Collector’s Club deposits and other customer deposits made to K-LINE.

As this has been a most difficult time for K-LINE management, customers and employees, we appreciate all the support during this period and throughout our long history.

Jeffrey L Cohen

Jeffrey L Cohen