Jobs? Anyone? Bueller?

I hope this finds you well as you begin the New Year.

Anyway, I find myself at the beginning of 2006 looking for work. Here is the brief story. The company I worked for for nearly 14 years, MDK, Inc., manufacturer of K-LINE Electric Trains, was involved in a technology-based lawsuit over the summer. As a result of the settlement of the lawsuit, the company declared bankruptcy. The company was to be sold to its largest creditor, who also happened to be its largest manufacturing vendor. As the recent line of credit expired December 15, which was also to be the date of purchase, MDK was in talks with another investor who was interested in buying the company. This new investor has plans to keep the company operational and needed until mid to late January to put together the deal to purchase the company. In the meantime, there was no way to fund current operations. Everyone, including me, was laid off just days before Christmas. Several people were brought back to operate the company in limited capacity until the sale goes through to one of the two parties in January.

While it is possible that there will be a position for me in towards the end of the month, obviously I cannot count on anything and I am now looking for a job. If you work somewhere that might be hiring, please let me know. If you hear of someone hiring, that would be great too. If you want to forward this on to someone you know, that’s cool too.

Here are the details about my recent position. I was employed as the Director of Marketing for a toy train manufacturer. I was responsible for managing all aspects of producing a semi-annual 164-page catalog, managing the company web site, developing new products and overseeing the creation of all advertising and marketing materials for B2B and B2C. I would be happy to continue in these areas, and I would also consider other related positions. I can send you my resume if you would like more details about what I have done.

So thank you in advance for any assistance that you may provide me, and have a great New Year!

Jeffrey L Cohen

Jeffrey L Cohen