Job Search Update

The job search is going okay. I got 2 interviews very quickly. I had a 2nd Round Interview with one company on Friday. I also had been waiting for a call back on the first interview I had. Everyone seems to want to do phone interviews first, which I think are great. I can sit at my desk, easily take notes (which I can’t really decipher later) and have their web site up on my computer.

One of the jobs is Account Manager for a Market Research firm that works with Fortune 500 companies. The other is the Marketing Manager for a Mail Order Company’s Web Site. Today I found out that the Mail Order Company will not be filling the Web Marketing Manager position at this time, but shuffle the responsibilities among other group members. I think that is a mistake, even on an objective level. People will focus on their primary job, not the web site.

I have been out of a job for a month now, and I still am just barely getting started on all the things I was looking forward to doing. I don’t really miss going to work, but I miss having a job. A job defines much of who you are, even if you don’t identify with it too much. I was Director of Marketing for a toy train company. That had great cocktail party value. Now I’m just another guy looking for a job. Don’t get me wrong, everyone is very nice and very helpful, but I no longer stand out in a crowd.

I have been very busy between job hunting, and household errands (although not enough around the house, according to Meg). I seem to have changed my focus a little bit. I really am trying to build my network of contacts, instead of “looking for a job.” This way lots of other people know I am looking and can pass on leads or referrals to other contacts. This is much more satisfying than sending resumes into the “Monster” black hole. I have to do that too, but it is very frustrating. It is much more fun meeting people for coffee for 30 minutes to an hour, than sitting in front of my computer all day. And I like coffee.

Jeffrey L Cohen

Jeffrey L Cohen