I Said Some Words

We don’t need to understand death, but just know that it is a part of life. Instead of mourning the passing of a loved one, this is a time to celebrate their life.

My mom, Marjorie Dwyer, was and is a person who deserves celebrating. She made an impression on everyone she met. As I told friends and family members about her passing, they responded in ways that surprised me. The impact that she made on them. Whether it was her ability to talk to anyone—there were no strangers in Marjorie’s life—or her fashion sense—we affectionately referred to her as the leopard lady—or how fiercely she loved her family, my mom was truly an original. She was, and always will be, Marjorie Dwyer.

Almost one year ago, my wife Deborah and I rode with mom in an RV from Florida to Connecticut. Her Alzheimer's had rapidly progressed to the point that she needed full time care. That was when we started the long goodbye.

We all have our own memories of mom. Today is the day to recall them. Enjoy them. Pull up a favorite picture of her. Think of a time when she made you smile or laugh. Or maybe a time that she took you to that special restaurant, cooked your favorite meal or maybe bought you some clothes you wanted, or in my case needed.

As the pandemic has continued to make it harder for us to get together, mom would be happy that we are together today in her honor. To quote one of my favorite bands, “we’re going to make it through this year.” And while it hasn’t always been easy, Mom, it looks like we did. And our lives have been enriched by having you in it. I love you.

Jeffrey L Cohen

Jeffrey L Cohen