I Made the Front Page

Last week’s interview with the News and Observer was included in an article that appeared on the front page of the print edition and the lead story on the web. I thought the article did a great job summarizing what I said, and has a quote that has become my mantra. The photo only appears small on the site, so until I get a digital copy of it, just go to the site to see it.

Here’s my part of the article

Jeff Cohen of Durham, an account executive with Chapel Hill marketing firm Koroberi, may already be living the 2020 life.

He’s on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Flickr. He carries a Blackberry and documents his family life on the Internet, down to the minutiae of sneaker shopping and photos of his Thanksgiving plate. Last week, he and his kids ordered a Domino’s pizza and tracked its status online — from prep to oven to box to “delivery expert.” Then he blogged about it.

He thinks he benefits from sharing his life with the world.

“People will feel a stronger connection to you in a business environment if you put yourself out there personally.”

Here’s a link to the complete article on the News and Observer website

Jeffrey L Cohen

Jeffrey L Cohen