How to Add a Closing Credit Link in Vimeo Pro

Many people use YouTube for their videos because it generates lots of views, but it also generates lots of spam comments. The video service I use for my videos is Vimeo because the overall quality of video is better and there is no spam. And since I am embedding my videos on my site and promoting them to my followers on Twitter and Facebook, I don’t worry that the Vimeo community is smaller. It is also more creative and less trashy than YouTube.

As I shoot more and more video, I continue to struggle with the fact that I don’t have a video editing solution on my PC. I don’t want to get something that is not robust enough for my needs, and I can’t afford a MacBookPro with Final Cut Express right. So, I shoot using a FlipHD camera and upload straight to Vimeo. The general structure of my interviews, or even occasional video blog posts, is that I start the camera, interview someone for 5-7 minutes and be done. So I have created a format that functions within my current technical limitations, but I continue to be bothered that I can’t trim the ends of the video or put on closing credits. I am usually okay with not trimming the ends of the video if I am not in the shot, but I had no solution to the lack of credits. Usually the videos live on my site, but when someone embeds it on their site, I would like to have a closing credit.

Yesterday, Wayne Sutton showed me how to do that, and I will share it below. If you have a Vimeo Pro account, which I do, following these steps.

1. Go to a particular video and click on Settings

2. Click on Embedding (Remember this is for PRO accounts only)

3. Go to Outro. Scroll down to Show “a link” and you can add a URL and text.

4. Now can create a Embed Preset with this outro to make it even easier for future videos. It even gives the option to apply to all your videos once you create it.

This embed screen actually let’s you customize lots of things about your Vimeo settings, so you can read about those on the right. This simple solution helped me solved a problem, so I hope it helped you.

Jeffrey L Cohen

Jeffrey L Cohen