Help is on the way

I have been in my new job less than 6 months, but I have managed to get myself completely overwhelmed with work in that short time. I have also become a bit of a bottleneck for my client and have wanted to push more stuff through (get more production jobs prepared, started and managed).

My bosses have offered hiring an assistant for me, and I have interviewed several candidates. We discovered that I needed someone more than an assistant. I needed someone with agency experience who could hit the ground running from day one. Well, we interviewed her today, and she starts on Tuesday. This is a tremendous relief to me.

I also got an intern today, dedicated to me, who will work 2 afternoons a week. She’s a college student majoring in advertising, so in addition to “intern” type work, she will be shadowing me, and learning how things work.

My challenge is keep both of these people busy, and keep all of us happy. The team grows, and this is good.

Jeffrey L Cohen

Jeffrey L Cohen