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Chicken Pad Thai

I was at a recent gathering of bloggers and we started talking about food blogging. There are lots of local bloggers who eat out, photograph and write about their meals. There have ever been local food blogger events where groups of bloggers eat and blog in tandem. Anyway this inspired me to take a picture of a recent meal (step 1), and write about below.

I am slowing trying different restaurants and shops in my new part of town (SW Durham bordering Chapel Hill). The other night I went to Peony Asian Bistro at Patterson Place. I was expecting a fast food level place, as that is more keeping with strip mall where they are located. I was pleasantly surprised to see an understated Asian restaurant decorated in reds and blacks. I was coming for takeout, so I did not have a chance to enjoy the atmosphere, but I am sure I will return for a sitdown meal.

The menu features a full complement of standard Chinese fare (with vegetarian options), an extensive sushi menu, and a small sampling of Japanese and Thai entrees. I ordered the Pad Thai (pictured above). I have already been told that takeout food does not photograph well, which I suspect relates to the fact that it has not been properly plated. It was generous portion of very flavorful noodles, vegetables, tofu, egg, and chicken. Beef and shrimp versions were also available. My only complaint was that some of the onions should have been cut into small pieces. I ate about half of it, and had the rest for lunch the next day.

I plan to go back soon and try the sushi, and other Asian cuisine.

On a side note, they need to hire a native English speaking proofreader for their takeout menu. Under the address it says, We On The Right Hand Side of The Kroger At Patterson Place.

Jeffrey L Cohen

Jeffrey L Cohen