Falcons Victorious

Peter’s football team won a squeaker today against the Durham Firebirds. This was a tremendous improvement over last week’s game where they were shut out.

The Firebirds came out with some trick plays and scored a quick touchdown. The Falcons responded with a touchdown of their own making it 6-6. More trick plays from the Firebirds made it 12-6 in the first quarter. The Falcons scored again before halftime making 12-12 at the break.

The second half was nearly scoreless. In the fourth quarter the Falcons drove down the field, but lost the ball near the end zone. The Firebirds struggled to move the ball from deep in their end of the field. On what should have been the last play of regulation, the Firebirds quarterback pitched the ball to nobody and the ball rolled into the end zone. A Firebirds player dove onto the ball, and it was a safety, adding two points to the Falcons score. The Falcons had the lead.

The Firebirds tried an on-sides kick, but failed to recover it. The Falcons lined up for one final play, but the clock ran down. Falcons 14 Firebirds 12.

Falcons raise their helmets in victory

One thing to note about the game: I was part of the chain gang working the first down sticks. I had a great view of the action, but Peter was mainly on the opposite from me.

Jeffrey L Cohen

Jeffrey L Cohen