Entertaining Beginnings

Peter had the assignment to re-write this Boring Beginning in different styles: One sunny day Jack decided to go fishing at the lake.

Jack was dashing toward the dock. He was sunburned and stung by bees, but he didn’t care. All he wanted to do was go fishing.

Dialog or Excitement:
“Come on!” Jack called to his parents. He was already sitting in the bright red rental boat. “Let’s go!” he yelled again. They were going to go fishing.

Thought or Question:
“When will we catch one?” Jack pouted. He saw his mad reflection on the water and made it a little better. And then he saw it! The big fish!

Swish, splash! The oars splashed through the indigo lake. Jack was sitting behind his mom and dad. “Hey!” Jack’s voice came from underneath his fishing hat, which he was wearing to block the sun. “I like this.”

Jeffrey L Cohen

Jeffrey L Cohen