Elementary School Lockdown

At 2:12 this afternoon, I received the following email from my children’s school:

Around 11:45, the police department informed us of a report that a person was seen on Hwy 54 headed west who appeared to have a weapon. The police department was immediately on campus to monitor and we went into lockdown mode for our campus to maintain the safety of all students, staff, and parents.

The lockdown lasted until 1:00pm and we resumed lunch schedule and necessary movement to and from classes. We did not access the outside areas (playground and others) to maintain a safe environment for our population. The local police continued to monitor and patrol the area. We were notified at 1:50pm that two suspects were picked up by law enforcement related to this incident. Thanks to all who patiently, cooperated with us during this process. Our students, staff, and parents did a great job! Thanks and have a great evening.

According to a news report, “Police said officers later picked up two youths with a BB gun.”

Peter’s Lockdown Report: He was in the nurse’s office with a headache, and he and the 3 other kids had a tea party with crackers, pretzels, raisins and water. The water was pretend kool-aid for the boys and pretend tea for the girls. Peter thought it was a Lockdown Drill, not a real Lockdown.

Grace’s Lockdown Report: She was in the Science Lab and they had to cram into the closet, where she was smushed in the back corner. She told me that during a Lockdown, you lock the doors, close the blinds or put paper over the windows. When I asked her why, she said so that someone with a weapon can’t see into the room. Grace also thought it was just a Drill.

Jeffrey L Cohen

Jeffrey L Cohen