Elementary Re-Districting

Our local school district is building a new high school, its third, and as they began the process of re-districting for the high school, they announced they would consider spot re-districting for elementary and middle schools.

A new elementary school is 2-3 years away, but two schools are currently overcrowded, FPG (my kids’ school) and Scroggs. The school board spent countless hours on this issue. Tons of emails were sent, supporting this plan or that plan or no plan. Parents went to school board meetings, committee meetings and generally filled their time with talk of this re-districting. It has been the hot topic of the neighborhood equivalent of the water cooler for the past few weeks.

One side of the story is that parents in the Scroggs district wanted to move lower socio-economic kids who didn’t live in Southern Village (the large development where the elementary school is located) out of Scroggs. Shifting some of these kids to FPG would lower the socio-economic numbers of FPG, which is already the lowest in the district. We enjoy the diversity of the school, but if it moves further away from the average in the overall school district, that is not a good thing.

Anyway after all this uproar, they moved 12 kids from Scroggs to FPG and moved 16 kids from FPG to McDougle. Big deal. In the end, they should have just held tight for a couple years and moved nobody.

Jeffrey L Cohen

Jeffrey L Cohen