Dinner with the Kids

Tonight we ate dinner at home and we had plenty of big fun. Most of the time I have the kids, I make pasta or we go out. Sometimes I try to make a real dinner or at least part of one. We bought fried chicken, broccoli to steam and salad for me and pickles for the kids.

By having a real meal, this ensured that I sat down with the kids and ate with them. I usually don’t do this when they have pasta, and that is a bad thing. Well, apparently I was in a very silly mood, and we did a lot of singing at the table. We sang Hannah Montana songs in funny voices. We changed the words and made the Hannah Montana theme song about Queen Amadala from Star Wars. The kids found all this very funny.

But the one thing that proved we had reached the pinnacle of the meal was when I started singing songs that Peter sang when he was three and four. I started singing the song about “I caught a little baby bumble bee” and Peter started laughing so hard he couldn’t breathe. That is success. Once he could breathe again, he told me that that song was never to leave this room.

And just to confirm that it was a great night, at one point during dessert Grace burst into laughter and spit Popsicle juice at me.

Jeffrey L Cohen

Jeffrey L Cohen