Cost of Healthcare

My kids are into Webkinz, which is a line of small stuffed animals that is paired with a virtual world. Buy an animal and you go on line to take care of it. Food, clothing and shelter are just the beginning. They have recreated many popular internet activities for children, like playing games of chance to earn money (KinzCash) so you can buy more stuff for your animal. How many hats and pairs of shoes does a virtual chihuahua really need?

Anyway, here is a recent conversation we had about life in Webkinz World, that seems to be bringing major societal issues to the forefront of kids’ minds.

Me: What happens if you don’t log in and feed all your animals?

Peter: Nothing. If you don’t log in, nothing changes, but if you are there, you need to feed them.

Grace: One of my friends didn’t log in and her animals got sick. She had to buy them medicine and it cost a lot of money.

Jeffrey L Cohen

Jeffrey L Cohen