Camp Ravenknob

On the Knob

Yesterday I returned from a 4-Day, 3-Night trip to Scout Resident Camp at Camp Ravenknob in Mt Airy, North Carolina with our Webelos Scout Den. We took 5 boys who just finished 4th grade on this great trip. We learned about forestry and geology. We swam in the lake. We shot BB guns and bows and arrows. We climbed horizontally on an indoor climbing wall and vertically on an outdoor climbing wall. We rappelled down the outdoor wall. We hiked to “the Knob” overlooking the camp.

It was quite a solemn moment when we heard about the Boy Scouts who were injured and killed as a result of the tornado that hit a scout camp in Iowa. Except that they were older, we were also at a scout camp with our boys. We remembered their families quite often during our camp.

As a result of the heat and the dust and walking up and down the hills to our campsite and playing in the creek and the facilities, the boys bonded and created some special memories of their first scout camp experience.

It was nice for me to take an unplugged break from work and the world.

Here’s a link to the photos.

Jeffrey L Cohen

Jeffrey L Cohen