Bought a Red Dot

As we are exploring our new home here in Chattanooga, in addition to outdoor and touristy things, we are finding cultural activities to warm our hearts and fill our souls. We also take a lot of trips to Wal-Mart.

We went to local gallery exhibition in a community studio venue. The artists rent small studio spaces and there is a prime gallery space. We walked into the gallery and we were both struck by the art on the walls. It was colorful. It was formal. And it was beautiful.

Both Deborah and I felt very engaged by the work. The blocks of color made different shapes. They weren't abstract, but they weren't distinct objects. There was lots of room for interpretation and self-reflection in the paintings.

We talked to the artist and shared our thoughts with her. She was very excited that painting connected with us. We were so enamored that we bought one of the paintings. The artist was so happy that we were there enjoying her art, but she was overjoyed that we wanted to take a piece home.

Buying work in a gallery show means that you buy a red dot. The dot goes next to the painting to indicate the work is sold. It was fun to put the dot on the wall.

We can wait to pick up the painting when the exhibition is over and hang it on our wall. If you visit us, we'll show you the first painting that we bought together from a local Chattanooga artist.

Jeffrey L Cohen

Jeffrey L Cohen