Blogging in an Echo Chamber

As the month winds down, and I look at the counter on the right, I see that I probably will not make my goal of averaging 1 post per day. I have 2 excuses, and neither of them are very good. One of them is that I have been very busy and haven’t had a chance to post. Last week I took the kids to the fair. I took nearly 300 pictures while we were there, and it was all I could do to go through them and get them up on Flickr. If you follow me on Twitter (or Facebook), you might have seen them already, since I usually post a link to Flickr photo sets.

But the other reason I have fallen behind is that I have started business blogging. Our new company website includes a blog, and I am one of the primary bloggers. This is great to be able to bring a skill to work that I developed on my own. This requires me to spend more time at work fully engage in marketing blogs and the b2b and advertising worlds online. This definitely changes the amount of time I spend doing similar things at home. Before blogging for work, I spent time reading Ad Age and Adweek online, whether through email newsletters, RSS or on the web. Now I do it at work. I used to check Twitter sporadically during the work day. I was a night and weekend Twitterer. Now I watch custom Twitter searches all day long. I am constantly looking for content for my business marketing blog. All this means that what I used to do in my free time, now can get done during work hours. I only need my free time to keep up with friends’ blogs and other personal interests. Think of all the free time I should have. It hasn’t really worked out that way. I’m still getting use to this change in process.

I still need to follow Twitter at night to catch up on politics and funny videos. I still need to dedicate a big chunk of time and a whole section of my brain to content generated by Wayne Sutton. I even generate some of that content.

And finally, what makes all of this a bit odd, is that the new business site where I have been blogging the whole month of October isn’t even live yet. I’ve written posts that nobody has read. It is the ultimate blogging in an echo chamber. The good news is that the site should launch the end of this week, and I can start promoting my new content. Some of it might even get re-posted here. More posts coming soon. Maybe even some back-dated ones to fill in the past couple of weeks.

Jeffrey L Cohen

Jeffrey L Cohen