Bird Archives

I just downloaded my Twitter archive. I switched the sort to see oldest tweets first and started reading. This was 15 years ago when I joined Twitter and tweeted out literally every breath I took. I also tweeted Peter's quarterly basketball stats from his youth league. He was 9.

It is a curious historical record, but boring after the fact. I was flying on Southwest to Nashville a lot and I shared what boarding group I was in. This was right at the transition where Southwest changed from cattle call-style boarding to lining up by number in the boarding groups.

Since this early period covered Thanksgiving, here are some of my favorites:

Nov 21, 2007: portrait of a modern family: dad on blackberry, son on Nintendo DS, daughter on ipod

Nov 23, 2007: awoke to the smell of cooking turkey. We eat out, and my mom makes a turkey breast on Friday so we can have turkey sandwiches.

And finally:

Dec 2, 2007: just talked to my mom on the phone. She's hooked on my Twitter stream. Hi Mom!

Jeffrey L Cohen

Jeffrey L Cohen